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CES – Making the right thing to do the easy thing to do

Primary care professionals are busy and operate in a complex system. Our approach strives to puts the right information at professionals’ fingertips and makes it easier to follow best practice guidance, every time.

Our team of local GPs, primary care facilitators and professionals helps practices understand how they can improve outcomes through trusted, local advice and support tools.

By analysing individual practice needs our team can work with practices to identify key areas where small changes will make a big difference. We believe that Southwark primary care professionals’ time is valuable – we believe our approach makes it easier to provide high quality care.

Clinical Effectiveness Southwark offer to general practices:

  • CES Guides and EMIS Clinical Templates which synthesise and localise evidence-based best practice.
  • Meet with practices to offer tailored support to improve outcomes in primary care in Southwark.
  • Help to identify local best practice to reduce variation, improve care and  increase the benefit from local contractual incentives.
  • Is free, trusted and professional, provided by teams of local GPs and facilitators.

Our approach is inspired by the successful east London model which has delivered some of the best QOF outcomes nationally.

If you would like to find out more about CES  please watch a short film which was made when the team were short-listed for the BMJ Primary Care Team of the year, in 2020.

Our team

Nick Harris

Programme Manager

Dr Rachna Chowla

CES Clinical Lead

Dr Sian Howell

CES Clinical Lead

Dr Joseph Mayhew

CES Clinical lead

Dr Payam Torabi

CES Clinical Lead

Steve May

Practice Facilitator

Leigh Patterson

Practice Facilitator

Olivia Farren

Practice Facilitator

Patrick Roberts

Practice Facilitator

Stephanie Hayden

Practice Facilitator

Judith Poncelet

Data Analyst

Ryszard Stepaniuk

Development and Information Manager

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